GaPS identification and training

The project aimed at developing the base know ledge structure and technical infrastructure for Gaming and Participatory Simulation within the InfraSweden2030 program as a key step in making the methods available for the infrastructure industry.

Three steps have been taken:
1. In-depth exploration of potential with 3 stakeholder representations (NCC, Trafikverket, Sveriges Byggindustrier)
2. Implementation of low -hanging fruits on technology roadmap in tools available closely to InfraSweden2030
3. Organising a course ’Gaming and Participatory Simulation for Design and Research’ for industry participants.

A team from KTH has led step one and conducted various workshops, that were both informative to the stakeholders, as to the researchers on identifying the key potential.

For the software, the ProtoWorld gaming environment has been extended, far beyond the financial limitations of the project. KTH has been able to capitalise on an EIT Digital project to pay for this implementation. The software has been released in public domain on GitHub.
A course has been organised, and key experts were booked for a 2 day intense education.

Concluding, all goals have been fulfilled, though it is clear that the urgency is not yet experienced by the industry, nor is the data stream ready. It is therefore advisable to postpone GaPS investments until digitalisation and understanding complexity has been furthered.


Start 2015-12-15

Slut 2016-08-15




Sebastian Meijer,

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