Big Bro 2.0 – Beslutsstöd för rationellt underhåll och uppgradering av befintlig infrastruktur

The sustainable use of resources in the operation and maintenance of bridges, is important for both public and private transport network operators. However, the optimal strategies considering might be different depending on the actual case. A rational decision-making framework has been proposed in the “BIG BRO” project which enables a smart costs optimization with due consideration of the operator’s and the society’s preferences with a main focus on bridges of public road and railway owners. In a parallel project “Improved bridge infrastructure for more sustainable transports” practical guidelines for the management of privately-owned bridges have been developed.

BIG BRO 2.0 aims to further develop and implement the BIG BRO framework methodology for practical applications. Therefore, a strong support from bridge operators on public (Trafikverket) and private (Sveaskog and SCA) roads has been established to address relevant issues and user needs. A smart system for bridge operation and maintenance will be demonstrated, since the information obtained through inspections and assessments is used in a better way than in the current practice. The demonstration cases will highlight the usefulness of the rational decision-making for the optimization of maintenance of single assets and also networks at different scales (i.e. local, regional and national level) increasing sustainability and resilience.

The innovativeness of the project compared to current decision-making approaches will be achieved through focusing on consistent application of decision theory, practical applicability, and system perspective. The main technological tasks of the project will comprise: (1) identification of relevant cases, (2) user needs and inputs, (3) tool and method development and (4) demonstration projects. The major outcome of the project will be a conceptual decision tool (RoBIn) with due consideration of the capabilities of the operators’ bridge management systems and sustainable practices to maximize the utilization of the data collected e.g. through inspections.


Start 2019-05-01

Slut 2020-11-30


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden


Daniel Honfi,


RISE, LTH, KTH, Skogforsk, WSP, ÅF, Trafikverket, Sveaskog and SCA.